Ziwei Zhang


E-mail: uczlzz5@ucl.ac.uk


Ziwei graduated from Peking University in 2015 and got her bachelor degree of Pharmaceutical Science and Master degree of Pharmaceutical Analysis. In her Master project she worked in State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs and investigated a kind of medical plants widely used in China, evaluating its efficacy and toxicity and establishing methods to identify and quantify its components in vivo after oral administration.

Ziwei was accepted in to a MSc program Drug Development and Discovery in School of Pharmacy, UCL. During this time, she undertook a project in Dr Healy Jess’ group to develop novel anti-bacterial lead compounds based on fragment-based drug design. In early 2018, She began her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Gemma-Louise Davies and Dr Gareth Williams.

Research Interests

Ziwei’s research will involve the design and production of nano-and micro-structured materials for targeted drug delivery with on-demand precision release properties, making use of electrospinning and spray drying as encapsulation methods These materials will additionally possess properties of MRI contrast agents, enabling the monitoring of therapeutic release.


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