Principle Investigator

Dr Gemma-Louise Davies

Gemma’s biography and research profile can be found here.



PhD Students


Henry Lee (2015-2018)

Henry joined the group to carry out an MSc (2015) and remained with us to start his PhD. Read more about Henry’s research here.

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Charlotte Fletcher (2016-2019)

Charlotte carried out her MSc research project in the group in 2016 and remained with us for her PhD. Find out more about Charlotte’s research here.

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Craig Dedman (2017-2020)

Craig joins the group in September 2017 to start his CENTA NERC PhD project. Find out more about Craig’s research here.

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Aaron King (2017-2020)

Aaron joins the group in September 2017 and is the first of the UCL cohort of students! Find out more about Aaron’s research here.

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Masters Students

Markus Markus Grueter (2017-2018)

Markus joined the group in September 2017 as a MSci student a UCL. He will be studying the structure-property relationships in nanostructured MRI contrast agents. Find out more about Markus’s research here.




Past Group Members

Leila Vickers – URSS Project Student, 2017

Gabrielle Newson – MChem Project Student, 2017-2018

Claudia Fryer – MChem Project Student, 2017-2018

Amy Bates – URSS Project Student, 2016

Diki Fundu – MChem Project Student, 2015-2016

Kiran Prasad – MChem Project Student, 2015-2016

Róisín Hickey – British Council IAESTE student, Summer 2015

Will Hann – MChem Project Student, 2014-2015

Oliver Higgins – MChem Project Student, 2014-2015

Natalya Yurmuhametova – MChem Project Student, 2014-2015

Lucy Ternent – MOAC Project Student (winner of the MSc poster prize at the MOAC Annual Conference, 2014 for her project work), 2013-2014