Markus Grueter



Markus joined the group for the 2017/189 academic year before graduating with a 1st class MSci Chemistry degree from University College London. Whilst in the Davies group, his research project focussed on gadolinium-based magnetic contrast agents for MRI.

Research Interests

Markus’s research involved investigating the structure-activity relationships in mesoporous silica nanostructures which have been modified to be active positive MRI contrast agents. Insights into the way in which water interacts with Gadolinium centres in these MSNs were then exploited to produce activatable MRI contrast agents, for non-invasive diagnostics.

Presentations and Prizes

Markus gave an invited presentation at the EPSRC Best Project Evening 2018 after being short-listed for the best research project.

Markus was awarded a 2017 EPSRC Vacation Bursary for an 8 week project with Prof N.T.K. Thanh’s group based at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Here, Markus worked on the synthesis of Co@Au core-shell nanoparticles by inert-atmosphere solvothermal methods under the direct supervision of Dr. Stefanos Mourdikoudis.