Mark Hardmeier

Mark H



Mark’s scientific career started in 2008 with an apprenticeship as a Lab technician in a quality control Laboratory in Switzerland. He continued his Scientific studies at ETH Zürich where he graduated with a BSc in Biology and subsequent MSc in Biological Chemistry. During his final thesis he worked on the functionalization of Platinum Nanoparticles as chemotherapeutic agents. Mark has now started his PhD at UCL.

Research Interests

Mark’s research will investigate the targeting of cell-surface glycans on cancer cells. This project will be pursued by using saccharides embedded in supramolecular structures to explore their binding capacities. Using these targeting moieties with multifunctional nanocarriers will enable easier detection of cancer tissue or site selective drug delivery.

Mark’s research is sponsored by the EPSRC-supported Centre for Doctoral Training in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science at UCL Chemistry.