Isabel Raby



Isabel studied chemistry at the University of Durham and completed her integrated masters in June 2021 graduating with first-class honours. Her masters project focussed on the reduction of carboranes, species which are playing an expanding role in catalysis, drug delivery and electronic devices. This work cemented her passion for inorganic chemistry, particularly functional materials. Isabel is passionate not only about her own research but also the learning of others, having delivered various talks and presentations at schools whilst carrying out her undergraduate studies. This is something she hopes to continue during her time at University College London (UCL).


Isabel’s research will focus on the flow synthesis of 1-dimensional (1D) magnetic nanostructures for application in MRI. The increased anisotropy of these 1D materials is seen to improve signal enhancement in comparison to 0-dimensional (0D) nanoparticles. Isabel will make use of continuous flow technology in combination with magnetic assembly to produce and develop these 1D nanostructures.


Isabel’s PhD is sponsored by the UKRI EPSRC.