Welcome to the Research Group of Dr Gemma-Louise Davies at the Department of Chemistry, UCL.

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Our research aims to develop nanomaterials to solve important challenges in medicine and healthcare, focusing on the design and development of novel nanomaterials as functional MRI contrast agents and targeted drug delivery devices. We develop new and innovative techniques to prepare nanostructures, combining traditional synthetic approaches (such as precipitation, organometallic and solvothermal syntheses) with innovative magnetically and thermally-driven techniques to produce unusual nanostructures and nanocomposites with enhanced properties. The work is highly interdisciplinary, working with collaborators across Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences and the Medical School. Members of the group have the opportunity to carry out all stages of research – from synthetic design, preparation and analytical characterisation to application and device testing.

If you are interested in joining the group, please email gemma-louise.davies@ucl.ac.uk with a 2 page CV, stating which area you are interested in working in, and visit the Vacancies page.

Science is international. We are proud to have a diverse team of scientists working in the group, and collaborators from all over the world!


Our research is made possible by the generosity of our funders:

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