Jiaer Ye

Jiaer Ye2


Jiaer studied Environmental Science in South China Agricultural University from her bachelor’s degree and started her master studies supervised by Dr Gemma-Louise Davies at UCL in 2018, and now she focuses on environmental bioremediation.

Research interests

Jiaer used to research several scientific projects related to environmental remediation by using environmental functional materials which included heterojunction photocatalyst, modified biochar and heterogeneous catalyst. Having finished these projects, she found that she is interested in functional nanomaterials, photocatalysts in particular.

Publication and patent (to date

Patent: A Method of Advanced Oxidation Involving Persulfates and Catalytic Ceramsite to Decomposite Nickel Complexes (Application No.: 201711463188.3; Applying date: 28/12/2017; in Chinese).

Paper: The third author, Advanced Treatment of Pig-feeding Leftover Sewage Through Enhanced Coagulation Hydroxides Via Probe into its Mechanism[J]. Journal of Safety and Environment, 2018, 18(1): 236-241, published, in Chinese.